What is SoundOut?


This is not the right question, it would be better to ask "what will be" SoundOut, and this we can answer.
SoundOut wants to establish itself as an umbrella brand of musical events of high artistic and contextual depth, thus encompassing under the usual name productions that do not set themselves limits of musical genre.
We started in 2022 with SoundOut Jazz, a jazz music festival that has been a great success since its first edition, registering an incredible sold-out.
This festival, which for now includes two consecutive evenings, expresses itself on its stage through a very wide choice of music: artists who are aesthetically different from each other but united not so much by the label of the music they offer, jazz, as by the investigation around this genre.
SoundOutJazz, therefore, also wants to do just that, to give the opportunity to experience and listen to jazz music in its most diverse forms.
With its two concerts per evening, separated by an interval where you can enjoy some delicious appetizers, and the blessing of the full moon, SoundOutJazz is ready to welcome you to the gardens of pfanner palace for a night that cannot be repeated.

Amedeo Maria Orso Borella, Artistic Director

L’Associazione IN MUSICAE VIRTUTE ringrazia tutti i soci ed i sostenitori che hanno contribuito alla raccolta fondi organizzata in occasione dell’evento SOUNDOUT tenutosi li scorso anno. I fondi raccolti saranno interamente devoluti a sostegno delle attività generali dell’Associazione. Nel rinnovare i ringraziamenti ci auguriamo di potervi avere tra i propri sostenitori e soci attivi nell’organizzazione dei  prossimi eventi di raccolta fondi fondamentali  per dare continuità alle attività dell’associazione.
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